Stuart McAlpine Miller

Maria Callas: A Moment Of Respite




Medium: Signed Ltd. Edition

Dimensions: 36" x 46"

Edition Size: 195


 Presented framed, a limited edition giclée print on paper by popular artist Stuart McAlpine Miller entitled "Maria Callas: A Moment Of Respite"

If there's one hotel that sums up the timeless glamour of London, it's The Savoy. Stuart's new body of work offers a unique insight into the hotel's celebrity patrons. He says: "It's almost like a visual arts version of a time capsule, preserving moments to be enjoyed long after we're gone."

This piece captures Maria Callas, who was one of the most renowned and influential opera singers of the 20th century. The New York-born Greek soprano is still one of classical music’s best-selling artists, even after her death in 1977.

Stuart adds: “This was the first piece that I created for the collection. I wanted to show Maria looking totally and utterly relaxed in a Grecian-inspired pose to portray her serene yet powerful aura.” 

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Image size 19.5" x 28".

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