Stuart McAlpine Miller

Alfred Hitchcock: The Mysterious Thinker




Medium: Signed Ltd. Edition

Dimensions: 36" x 46"

Edition Size: 195


 Presented framed, a limited edition giclée print on paper by popular artist Stuart McAlpine Miller entitled "Alfred Hitchcock: The Mysterious Thinker"

If there's one hotel that sums up the timeless glamour of London, it's The Savoy. Stuart's new body of work offers a unique insight into the hotel's celebrity patrons. He says: "It's almost like a visual arts version of a time capsule, preserving moments to be enjoyed long after we're gone."

This piece captures the legendary film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock. Known as ‘the master of suspense’, his 60-year career saw him direct 53 feature films, including The 39 Steps, Psycho and The Birds.

Stuart adds: “There’s an ordered chaos to this piece. I made it deliberately complex to reflect the complexity of his writing and directing. I tried to abstract the elements in a similar way to how he abstracted his movies, with the typography effectively dissecting him.” 

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