Scarlett Raven

All The Years Ahead (Titanic Special)



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Medium: Signed Ltd. Edition

Dimensions: 22" x 23"

Edition Size: 1912


  Presented framed. A touching giclée on paper by Scarlett Raven and Marc Marot entitled "All The Years Ahead (Titanic Special)".  Part of their groundbreaking augmented reality project, by using the blippar app and pointing your device at the image an intriguing video story is told revealing the magic behind image. Watch this effect HERE in our FACEBOOK video.

Inspired by legendary war poets Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Rupert Brooke, The Danger Tree uses augmented reality to expose the true heartbreak of World War One. By digitally stripping away the countless layers of paint, viewers are able to reveal the creative journey beneath and see the Great War re-imagined.

This piece marks a departure from the timeline of The Danger Tree as the artists explores the RMS Titanic and its tragic sinking. The edition size is 1912 reflects the year the ship was launched.

To unlock the multiple layers in Scarlett’s work, download the Blippar or Artvive app through the iOS app store or the Google Play store for Android and simply scan any piece online to get started.

Image size 12" x 12"

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