Peter Smith

The Freakishly Fiendish Fright Scream Man



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Medium: Signed Ltd. Edition

Dimensions: 30.5" x 30.5"

Edition Size: 150


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Presented framed, a hand-varnished giclée on canvas by humorous artist Peter Smith entitled "The Freakishly Fiendish Fright Scream Man"

Featuring adult jokes, Victorian imagery and reinvented literature, Eccentricus Brittanicus by Impossimal duo Peter and Jayne Smith may just be their most raucous release yet.

An Italian ice-cream man sells his soul to the Devil in this frostbitten fable, which is set in 1905. Battling for a scoop of success, Signor Staroli and the ill-fated Marconi Ballerie are rival business owners. After Marconi is taken from his ice-cream van into the belly of the underworld, he is permitted to return once a year at Halloween. Beware all those who buy from his cart, as you too will join the realms of the undead for all of eternity! 

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