Marvel signed by Stan Lee

Wolverine #23



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Medium: Signed Ltd. Edition

Dimensions: 29.25" x 38"

Edition Size: 95


 A framed giclée on paper entitled "Wolverine #23"

Image size 28" x 19.25"

Writer: J. Archie Goodwin

Cover Artist: John Byrne

Continued from last issue...

Through the infected body of President Caridad, Spore lives again and is now growing at a monumental rate. This Deviant living weapon is bent on consuming every living thing on the planet and now that it has attempted to consume Wolverine, the only thing that stands in its way is the young mutant cum revolutionary La Bandera. Before the creature can attack the girl Wolverine manages to break free and begins slicing into the creature while ordering everyone to get back -- telling Roughouse to take Sister Salvation with him.

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