Marvel signed by Stan Lee

The Incredible Hulk #34 - Return of the Monster




Medium: Signed Ltd. Edition

Dimensions: 29.25" x 38"

Edition Size: 95


 A framed giclée on paper entitled "The Incredible Hulk #34 - Return of the Monster"

Image size 28" x 19.25"

Writers: Bruce Jones

Cover Artists: Kaare Andrews

Under the cover of darkness, Bruce Banner arrives in St. Louis as a fugitive of the law. As he enters the St. Louis Hotel, he is mocked by some local gangsters for his purple pants, but he pays them no mind. Inside, the desk clerk is watching a news report about Ricky Myers, a boy from Chicago that was said to have been killed during one of the Hulk's most recent rampages. Bruce pays for a room for two nights as he retires for the night turns on the same news report.

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