Dan Lane aka Mechanica

Modern Relic Arm - Timeless



Medium: Sculpture

Dimensions: 20" x 6.5"

Edition Size: 95


A striking bronze sculpture by modern artist Dan Lane, entitled "Modern Relic Arm - Timeless" 

 Classic art meets modern culture for Dan’s new Modern Relics series. Inspired by the works of Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Michelangelo, he has explored how we treat our bodies to create works which look like they could be hundreds of years old.

Made from solid bronze, the sculptures feature an incredible patina on the skin surface. The aging process involved using chemicals to produce a natural Verdigris (a bluish-green colour). The carved tattoos are raised and have a highly polished finish.

Dan says: “I decided to visit some of the original sculptures to see them in the flesh. Tattoos have become such a mainstream part of our bodies, and I couldn’t help but think that the artists wouldn’t have been able to resist using them in their own work. These sculptures are modern relics. It’s taken my art to another level.”

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