Autum Collection | 2017 phase1

31/10/2017 17:04:07

The Original Art Shop's new autumn collection is our most exciting yet, with a breathtaking selection of pieces from some of the UK's most popular artists.

As the light starts to fade and the leaves begin to fall, we spend more time at home with the people we love. To liven up your living space, we've gathered a colourful array of artwork.

Each week, our galleries in Hanley and Trentham will be displaying exciting new editions that will also be available to order or pre-order online.

From miniature superheroes to psychedelic animals and 3D wall sculptures, our autumn collection illustrates our commitment to bringing you the very best modern art. 

Whether you'd like to explore Xue Wang's dark fairy tale world or travel the continents with world-renowned photographer Raphael Mazzucco, you're sure to find something on your journey. 

Discover the complete phase 1 Autumn collection from the links below or click here to see all new items. Pre-orders can be made prior to the release dates that preceed the links:

Aug 18th Rapheal Mazzucco

Aug 25th Craig Davison and Jeff Rowland

Sept 1st Paul Kenton

Sept 9th Nigel Humphries

Sept 15 Xue Wang and Richard Rowan

Sept 22nd Nic Joly and Peter Smith

Sept 29th Bob Barker and Paul Corfield

October 6th Robert Oxley