Aurora Borealis | Richard Rowan

18/02/2017 16:52:20

We are delighted to introduce Richard Rowan's new collection of work "Aurora Borealis".

To learn more about the Aurora Borealis collection you can browse our online brochure HERE

In this latest body of work, Richard has succeeded in capturing one of nature’s most impressive and elusive spectacles – The Northern Lights. His brand new Aurora Borealis collection was inspired by Richard’s recent trip to Iceland and it consist of seven limited edition glass prints.

A shifting, mesmeric dance of ethereal lights, these fleeting moments have been frozen in time by the artist using his ‘back to front’ technique of applying oils on glass. 

Available from the collection is "Epiphany From Above" the print original of the edition of the same title. CLICK HERE to see details of this original.


The new striking Aurora Borealis  collection is now available to purchase in Hanley and Trentham and online HERE