Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, you collect from one of our galleries in Hanley, Trentham or Derby. Simply select the ‘collect from gallery’ option at check out and specify which gallery your piece(s) of art should be delivered to. The gallery will let you know as soon as your artwork is ready for collection.
We have a range of payment options to make collecting art accessible for anyone. We are able to take secure card payments via Sage Pay and accept Visa, PayPal, Mastercard & Maestro, unfortunately we are unable to process AMEX. This includes the provision of Interest Free Credit through V12 Retail Finance Ltd, which gives you instant access to up to £5000 of credit completely interest free.
Limited edition art is a translation of an original piece of art. This might include some hand-embellishment to create a limited edition piece of art which is very hard to distinguish from the piece of art it originated from. Every piece of limited edition art in that we offer is limited to a fixed number which protects its authenticity, value and scarcity. Your piece of limited edition art will be sequentially numbered and hand signed by the artist, typcally on the bottom right hand corner of the piece. This differentiates our limited editions from open edition prints - which are cheaper, mass-produced art or poster prints. We are committed to protecting the integrity of each piece of art we sell. In order to guarantee the authenticity of our art, each limited edition piece is sold with a bespoke certificate and is signed by the artist. We advise exercising caution when buying a piece of art from a third-party source as these are not authenticated by the supplier. Limited editions can be created by many different techniques and in many different mediums, the most commonly used medium now is Giclee printing
Original art is a piece of art which has been created by the hand of an artist, rather than translated into limited edition art. Originals can be created through a wide variety of techniques and styles. We have a wide portfolio of original art, but because it is highly sought after, pieces can sell very quickly and so only a limited exhibit is available online. If you would like to enquire about original art, you might can contact your local gallery directly through the 'Contact Us' links.
Giclée printing is a form of printing that results in an extremely accurate and high quality representation of an image. Using fade-resistant, archival inks, a giclée piece of art faithfully reflects the vibrant colours, textures and intricate detail of an original piece of art.
Couriers will not insure glazed or fragile items. On glazed items or items that are very fragile we remove the option for delivery if you have chosen glass as a glazing option but give you the choice to collect from gallery. If you cannot collect from one of our galleries please contact us for further delivery options. We may be able to deliver in exceptional circumstances depending on the individual item and the delivery address.
The majority of our pictures are framed in our own workshop which means that we offer a wide range of moulding and frame options. Please be aware that the moulding displayed on framed items on our website may change from time to time and may not be exactly as displayed. Also we may have to change a moulding option due to unavailablity at time of purcahse. If this is the case we will contact you prior to delivery or collection from gallery. If you would prefer a different moulding to the one shown, this can be done but with difficulty if you cannot visit one of our galleries. If you have any doubt as to what moulding your picture will be framed in or would like to discuss your options, please contact us before purchase. We are always happy to help.